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In accordance with the UGC's directive vide letter No.F.1-1/2013 (IA) dated 26th April 2016 that all payments for services shall also be accepted through electronic / digital mode, University is collecting fee from the 1st year students of U.G. courses of various colleges through online payment gateway and the same is being transferred from time to time to the respective colleges.

Further, more than nine hundred emails were received for refund of double payment of fee by the students. The issue was resolved after deputing one bank official and one person from finance with the team of Dr. Sanjeev Singh at IIC (SDC). Around 788 cases of double payment amounting to Rs.83.74 lakh were identified and bank was authorized to refund the amount after approval of the Competent Authority.

Now, the University has also started collecting online fee from the 2nd & 3rd year students of UG courses of various colleges and also going to implement the same for PG IInd year students, shortly.

It is pertinent to mention that till now University finance was never involved in collection of fee from the UG students of the colleges. From the academic year 2016 the University finance is not only receiving the fee but also transferring the fee from time to time to all the colleges, respond to the hundreds of the emails from the bank and subsequent reconciliation of data from the bank as well as the colleges.