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  Examination Bills Section

Various type of expenditure in connection with the examinations is incurred by the four branches of the examination wing of the University. Since the volume of work relating to the financial resource management of the examinations is sizeable, the work of financial resource management has been entrusted to a separate Section known as 'Finance Examination Section' in the Finance Wing of the University.

  • Ensures payment of bills of various types of expenditure relating to the conduct of examinations by the University and colleges affiliated thereto.
  • Maintains records so as to render expenditure reports to the Budget and Accounts Section.
  • Ensures Scrutiny/Audit and payment of bills for expenditure incurred on account of :
    1. Other Examination expenses such as stationery, computer stationery, contingency, Postage & telegram, printing of question papers, printing& binding of books, purchase of furniture, equipment, convocation, purchase of scientific materials, travel expenses etc.
    2. Remuneration to examiners;
    3. Invigilation and supervision;
    4. Translation and tabulation
    5. Preparation of Mark Sheets and Degrees;
    6. Other repairs and maintenance of computers, departmental vehicles, equipment and furniture;
    7. Office expenses;
    8. Entertainment expenses;
    9. Entertainment expenses incurred for the Office of Controller of Examinations/Dy. Controller of Examinations.
  • Pays advances to the authorities for incurring expenditure on the above accounts by them.
  • Monitors adjustment bills in respect of advances paid and audit of adjustment bills.
  • Maintains proper accounting of all payments made by the section such as Other Charges Register (OCR), Register of Advances, Register of TDS, Diary Register, Despatch Register of cheques and Despatch Register of other documents.
  • Ensures remittance of TDS to Income Tax Department and issue Form-16-A to the concern party.
  • Ensures reconciliation of bank statements with Cash Book in respect of Bank Account maintained by the Section.