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Back  Pay-II Section

    (Non-Teaching Employees up to Section Officer and Technical Employees)

  • Pays salary and other dues as per entitlement.
  • Maintains records so as to ensure that service benefits of the employees are correctly paid on due dates.
  • Advises Administrative and Executive authorities on matters relating to entitlements of employees.
  • Ensures payments and audit of claims to Pay and Allowances viz. Regular Salary Bills, Arrears Bills due to Pay Fixation, Leave Encashment Bills, DA Arrears Bills, Officiating Allowance Bills, Cash handling Bills, Honorarium Bills, Ad-hoc Bonus Bills, Tuition Fee Bills, Festival Advance Bills of Non-Teaching Staff up to the level of Section Officers including Contractual Appointments, Part Time, Ad-hoc, Daily Wagers etc. paid from the University's Budget.
  • Ensures payment and recovery of leave salary and pension contribution in respect of employees lent for service on deputation to and from other departments of Central/State Govt./Statutory Bodies.
  • Classifies receipts and payments brought to account through Pay Bills or other claims dealt within the Section.
  • Ensures remittance of amounts of various deductions viz. GPF (General Provident Fund), CPF(Contributory Provident Fund), NPS( New Pension Scheme) subscription, EGIS ( Employees Group Insurance Scheme) contribution, LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) premium, Income tax, Health Centre contribution, Conveyance/Computer Advance, T&C ( Thrift and Credit Society) Recovery, Licence Fee & Electricity & Water Charges, LTC Advance Recoveries, Bank/Court Recoveries, HBA (House Building Advance), Welfare Fund contribution, Union/Association's contribution, from Pay & allowances to the concerned Branches of Finance Section.
  • Provides monthly expenditure report to Budget & Accounts Sections.
  • Prepares Form-16 and issues it to the concerned employees.